Call for Presentations 2021 is now open!!

CFPs will are accepted on a rolling basis with public Twitter voting as a guideline for audience interest.

Want to submit a talk, class, panel, or something else?

Great, the CFP submission process is on a Google Form:

Submit early and often for the best chance of acceptance!

Other presentation options:

  • You can submit talks to occur within villages – please ensure you are communicating with the people running the village or let us know if you need to be put in touch with them.
  • We are now accepting academic based poster presentations on our CFP form

Why Academic Posters?

To specifically encourage more researched based involvement from students and folks new to the industry that may feel shy about delivering a presentation in the typical talk format.
Poster presentations can be a good way to get feedback on early research that you want to prepare for a future firetalk or full length conference talk.

Who is eligible to submit a poster?

All humans who can be present to physically be by their poster to answer questions for one or both days of the conference.
1 or more appointed times will be provided in advance based on total accepted submissions to ensure everyone will still get to see talks and network at the conference.

Where can I get a template?

Please use size: 36” Tall x 48” Wide

How should it be printed, mounted, displayed, etc?

Posters printed on plotter printers tend to be less expensive and can be mounted to sturdy poster board in order to be freestanding or you can print directly on foam board at many office supply stores. We will supply easels.

Want to see a talk get accepted? Vote for it!

To vote for a talk please use Twitter

Twitter votes should include the following (so they can be found easily for counting):

Alternately you can vote privately via email:   BSidesDE2021 Talk Vote