BSides Delaware CFP is open!


CFP Details:


The 2012 CFP submission process is on a Google Form:


As in the past, talk details will be posted for community voting as part of the acceptance process. This year the talks will be posted without names, so let those abstracts shine!


Topics we would like to hear about

– Mentoring

– Defense

– General system exploitation techniques, vuln-dev and shellcoding

– Web application hacking

– How you hacked angry birds or RFC1149

– Mobile exploitation

– DARPA CFT grant work and how your project is going

– Breach cases and analysis

– Password psychology and analysis

– Panel discussions on things you actually do at work and are allowed to talk about

– Reverse engineering

– Rootkits

– Malware

– Malware on something other than Windows eg Macs/Smartphones/Linux etc

– Hardware and Software Fuzzing

– Wireless security

– Hardware hacking

– RFID, SmartCard, Auth Tech exploitation

– Car hacking

– Home automation hacking

– Creative Compliance and/or PitFalls

– Compliance vs Security (with lots of audience participation and/or shouting)

– Software Security and Code Analysis

– Offensive Security (targeted system attacks like Scada, chipsets, od OS.. etc)

– Crypto

– Forensics

– Lockpicking, trashing and urban exploration

– Red/Blue Team Testing


– Corporate Intelligence / Industrial Espionage

– New standards development

– Something so Heavy… No one is ready… cept for the BSiders…

– And anything else you can/want to make a case for….. bring your A-Game and an uncensored speech for all to learn/interact with

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