Month: November 2012

Pro’s ‘Vs’ Joe’s CTF

Pro’s ‘Vs’ Joe’s CTF This year’s Security B-Sides Delaware will see its first Capture The Flag event.  Teams will be forged of the hardened mettle of Professionals, blended with the raw potential of Regular Joe’s.  These bands of bit slingers will slug it out in a no-holds barred, winner takes all competition that will drown the links in a sea of… Read more →

Sponsor Inerail to Speak on Disaster Recovery Experience Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Inerail’s NYC data centers suffered like much of the city so we asked CEO Chris Rogers to write up and speak about his experiences from October 29th, 2012 and the following weeks until the conference. Hear first hand about disaster recovery and business continuity applied to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.   For the schedule of this and other… Read more →

Rapid7 is providing a Metasploit Pro Class at Security BSides Delaware 2012

  Sponsor Rapid7 is providing a Metasploit Pro Class given by Chris Godoy, C|EH Senior Consultant | Security Solutions Presentation Overview: This session is geared towards those interested in learning about Metasploit, specifically how to use the commercial grade versions of Metasploit – Express and Pro, to enhance their security posture. A basic understanding of Metasploit is recommended, but not required. During this session, we will cover Metasploit basics, provide an introduction to the concept of Metasploit with… Read more →