Month: October 2014

Welcoming back HP as our 2014 Badge Sponsor

Welcoming back HP as a second year BSidesDE sponsor! HP Enterprise Security Products have a variety of solutions to cover the computer security needs of an enterprise. ArcSight is our central log management, analysis and correlation engine, TippingPoint IPS leverages Zero-Day research to defend against network-based attacks, our Fortify Suite covers static and dynamic code analysis and web-application vulnerability scanning,… Read more →

Introducing Spawn Camp!

Think of the children!!! Joshua Marpet CEO, There are many complaints about how we bring up the next generation of hackers.  STEM education isn’t strong enough in this country, the technology teachers can’t teach as fast as the industry moves, yada yada yada. Bull pucky. There are great products, great languages, and above all, great teachers out there.  If… Read more →