Call for Theme 2015

We’d like to invite you to help us with this year’s conference theme by publicly opening the Call for Theme!


  • Make it a little fun & competitive to see what you come up with!
  • When it comes time for the art, we’d like to include college graphic design department students and others looking for something awesome to put in their portfolio

…but first need to determine theme ASAP.

Past themes:

  • 2010 – BSidesDE Cassette tape (spin on original Security BSides global theme)
  • 2011 – Space Invaders (retired to avoid copyright concern)
  • 2012 – Robot introduced via Election spin using Pros vs Joes CTF
  • 2013 – Robot listening to data, spin on NSA and PRISM
  • 2014 – Robot and vulnerabilities (heartbleed, shellshock, poodle and what’s next?)
  • 2015 – Robot ? (It has somewhat become our brand, so we’d like theme to spin on and involve the robot)

Themes can be submitted as abstract concept or via digital artwork (scans/photos of physical drawings also accepted). Themes can be based on current events but should remain relevant in Nov 2015.


Please submit themes via Twitter or email using the following conventions:

Twitter: @BSidesDE #DE15CFT “your theme here, without quotes”

Email: securitybsidesdelaware *at# gmail{dot| com

Subject: BSidesDE 2015 Theme Submission

Body: your description/concept/tag line/artwork attachment(s)


Art and theme concepts should consider the following requirements:

  • Theme has to be something visually representable involving the robot (think icons) and preferably without words, although clever tag lines are welcome and can be used on some media. ASCII art is permitted on a limited basis, but all fonts must be provided and also rendered in vector format with the understanding that on some of the smaller items ASCII art may not be printable. The rest of the design will need to stand on its own.
  • Artwork will get used both online and screen or other types of printed on a variety of media and sizes such as shirts, lanyards, badges, posters, stickers or any other swag that gets budgeted/created.
  • Vector artwork – master file .ai/.eps/.svg/.psd compatible with Adobe CS2 suite is required for ease of scaling/modification for all the different printed purposes and compatibility with our vendors. Each color must be its own shape/layer/element so that it can be moved/resized/recolored independently of the rest of the design.

The final Artwork/Design will require the following versions:

  • Full color artwork – is required for web & print media, or any other items where full color is possible and does not affect cost
  • CMYK 2-6 pantone color vector artwork – is required for shirts and other items that follow a process that prints 1 color at a time or where costs are based on the # of colors. Typically shirt design has been reduced to 1- 4 colors. Gradients cannot be used here but halftones can be if the design requires shading to reduce total colors but provide appropriate contrast.
  • Monotone artwork is used for items like engraved metal badges and poker chips where the artwork is all 1 color and the relief areas (not printed) provide contrast. It’s necessary for the design to work without shading or use halftones or it won’t look right on some media

Most graphic design folks will find these requirements pretty standard, but they are helpful for people interested in dabbling for fun and to ensure the results can be used. We would hate for anyone to spend lots of time on something that isn’t printable.