Call for Volunteers

Volunteer season is upon us again and with open arms we are looking to embrace this year’s BSidesDe 2015 volunteers.



We are looking for volunteers to assist on Friday and Saturday with the setup and takedown of the conference. We would like volunteers to arrive at 7am and we typically have things wrapped up by 7pm, though understand if you are not able stay the whole time. We also have some light unpacking Thursday evening if you are available to help.


During the actual conference we are looking for help in the following::

  1. Registration – Assisting people with signing in for the day, t-shirt sales, speaker wrangling, and providing general information to attendees.
  2. CTF – Assisting in the setup and takedown of the CTF (Capture the Flag) event and wrangling of teams.
  3. A/V – Recording the different talks in the various rooms and working with a coordinator to get them uploaded to a central site.
  4. Spawn Camp – Assisting in the setup, take down, demonstration of our youth activities. This year we will have a return of Snap Circuits and Minecraft, and other activities being planned as well.


The goal is to give you the opportunity to volunteer in an area that you are most interested in.Volunteers may be moved between areas so we have appropriate coverage and to allow you to see some of the talks that you may be interested in.


  1. To register go to:


  1. We then ask that you register to join our Google group and post to the introduction thread:


  1. The Google group will allow access to this Google doc, you should see your name there, if not go ahead and add it. It should ask for a little bit of extra data for us to work on scheduling you:


Security BSides Delaware has been hosted at Wilmington University since 2010. There are a core group of us that have volunteered/organized this event throughout the years. You will be in good hands should you decide to join us.