Venue and Other New Things for 2017

We are thrilled to return to our regular weekend in November!

Our 8th conference will be held on November 10-11, 2017 at Delaware Technical Community College РStanton Campus. For those of you familiar with the campus, we have the entire C wing upstairs. For those of you not familiar, we hope this concentrated area will be easier to navigate than our prior split floor setup has been. Like Wilmington University, DTCC also competed in MACCDC 2017 regional finals, so we are excited to continue the Pros Vs. Joes CTF and our usual list of villages at our new venue.


What’s Different This Year?


Registration costs range from still being free to $5 per day.

We love running an event that remains accessible to everyone, but the always free tickets means not everyone who reserves a ticket will show up and that makes planning for badges, food, and other resources complicated to estimate and purchase. It’s not fun telling people we ran out, or not knowing which walk-ins who arrived bright and early we can give a badge to, nor is it fun paying for extras and storing them for years. The new model helps to addresses some of our up front costs and guarantees the ability for people to be reserved a badge, lunch tokens and any swag our sponsors send until Saturday afternoon at 3pm. For those that can’t or don’t want to pay or aren’t sure if they can make it, we are still offering a late reg/walk in option at no cost, and you can expect to attend until we reach fire capacity, but that attendance will not to come with a badge or our very collectable poker chip lunch tokens.


We have outsourced food.

DTCC has catering services that will include coffee service for everyone, and lunch at a reasonable cost paid via lunch tokens or your choice of US currency/credit options.