Welcome Noble

We would like to welcome our newest corporate sponsor Noble Bank International.

Noble is the first non-fractional full-reserve bank. Noble introduces an industry-changing approach to real-time post-trade banking for OTC markets. Our bank allows clients to create their own pools of credit, enabling counter-parties to clear, net and settle spot FX and precious metals transactions in real-time. Our fully customizable and configurable rules that guide each pool represent a truly revolutionary step towards greater flexibility and functionality in post-trade.

Noble is Hiring!

Noble is looking bright security engineers to join their team with expertise in the following areas:

  • Maintain firewall, virtual private network, web, and email security programs, protocols, and security.
  • Maintain physical and code environment to protect servers, switches, and entire information technology (IT) system while balancing overall load.
  • Monitor and log security concerns and incidents, and generate reports and track performance.

Noble is also looking for Software Engineers, Python Developers, Technical Writers, Business Writer Interns who have experience/education in finance or are interested in the same.

For more information checkout Noble’s career page at https://www.noblebankint.com/careers.