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Save the date Oct 7-8! We’re moving to National Cyber Security Awareness Month

In “celebration” of the 30th anniversary of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, we’re moving to National Cyber Security Awareness Month.   Sometime before the conference, Oct 7-8, 2016, you should totally read a little about the CFAA 18 U.S.C. § 1030 and contact your congress person to support the latest update that has been sitting around for the last… Read more →

Call for Volunteers

Volunteer season is upon us again and with open arms we are looking to embrace this year’s BSidesDe 2015 volunteers.   Details: We are looking for volunteers to assist on Friday and Saturday with the setup and takedown of the conference. We would like volunteers to arrive at 7am and we typically have things wrapped up by 7pm, though understand… Read more →

Call for papers 2015

We’re looking for all talks, classes, events, villages and anything else awesome you think should happen at BSidesDE this year. As with previous years, the 2015 CFP submission process is on a Google Form: For 2015 CFPs will again be accepted on a rolling basis with public Twitter voting as a guideline for audience interest. Want to see a… Read more →

Call for Theme 2015

We’d like to invite you to help us with this year’s conference theme by publicly opening the Call for Theme! Why? Make it a little fun & competitive to see what you come up with! When it comes time for the art, we’d like to include college graphic design department students and others looking for something awesome to put in their portfolio …but first… Read more →