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Welcome back SANS!!

Thanks to SANS for returning as our bag sponsor for 2018! 2 SANS Netwars certificates will be awarded during the conference. Participate in the annual SANS Holiday Hack Challenge, created by the makers of NetWars and many of the SANS pen test training courses. The Holiday Hack Challenge is our gift to the InfoSec community and is a great way for… Read more →

BSides DE 2018 Shirt Art

Every day we hear about how much better and easier our lives are becoming because of the technology that has permeated every aspect of our lives. We have a cloud to store anything of any size and can retrieve it instantly from around the world. Our phones are better computers than what NASA had during the space launch. We can… Read more →

Welcome Delaware Technical Community College

We are pleased to welcome Delaware Technical Community as our newest conference host. Delaware Tech is respected and trusted at the state and national levels because of its hallmarks of commitment, responsiveness, and vision. Delaware Tech has earned a place in the hearts of Delawareans, too. They realize their College provides them with high-quality educational programs that are convenient, flexible… Read more →

Venue and Other New Things for 2017

We are thrilled to return to our regular weekend in November! Our 8th conference will be held on November 10-11, 2017 at Delaware Technical Community College – Stanton Campus. For those of you familiar with the campus, we have the entire C wing upstairs. For those of you not familiar, we hope this concentrated area will be easier to navigate than… Read more →

Pros v Joes CTF – Maven Security

Maven Security, a security consultancy based in Delaware, has recently lent a helping hand to the Pros v Joes CTF (PvJ-CTF) at BsidesLV in the form of an in-kind sponsorship. Maven Security donated the time and talent of their CTF maven and longtime Pros v Joes volunteer @gi0cann. (Rumor: The character Alec Hardison from the show Leverage was based on the real-life exploits of @gi0cann.)

At BsidesLV @gi0cann was a fantastic resource for the CTF environment, which, besides a full corporate environment of servers, had the amazing addition of VoIP to the environment. That PvJ was the largest and most successful PvJ yet.

For BsidesDE in 2015 Maven Security will be upping the ante with another in-kind sponsorship.  Specifically @gi0cann, besides helping build & tweak the CTF this year, will be emerging from his secret hacker lair as the boots on the ground co-ordinating this year’s Pros v Joes CTF.  With @Dichotomy1 running the PvJ CTF, and  @gi0cann co-ordinating, as well as the other PvJ volunteers, we are confident this will be another amazing Pros v Joes CTF.

Don’t just sit on the sidelines this year; jump into the fray by registering for the CTF at BsidesDE.