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Save the date Oct 7-8! We’re moving to National Cyber Security Awareness Month

In “celebration” of the 30th anniversary of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, we’re moving to National Cyber Security Awareness Month.   Sometime before the conference, Oct 7-8, 2016, you should totally read a little about the CFAA 18 U.S.C. § 1030 and contact your congress person to support the latest update that has been sitting around for the last… Read more →

Spawncamp 2015!

One of the most exciting additions to BSidesDE has been Spawncamp, where parents can bring their Spawn, and let those Hacklings learn about programming, hardware, and how to build, and break! This is the 2nd year for Spawncamp at BSidesDE, and we’ve got a great lineup of activities! Just a note. We’ve actually sold out of seats for Spawncamp, as… Read more →

Introducing Spawn Camp!

Think of the children!!! Joshua Marpet CEO, There are many complaints about how we bring up the next generation of hackers.  STEM education isn’t strong enough in this country, the technology teachers can’t teach as fast as the industry moves, yada yada yada. Bull pucky. There are great products, great languages, and above all, great teachers out there.  If… Read more →